Onshore Outsourcing:

Vorizo deals with various types of Onshore Outsourcing business model where handle tasks to a center located in the home country or nearby region . Various advantages of Vorizo Onshore Outsourcing:
• Speak the same language.
• Are easily accessible.
• Easy to control.
• Live in the same timezone.
Our Onshore Outsourcing is very promising and reassuring.

Nearshore Outsourcing:

Our Nearshore Outsourcing is getting the work done by our other partner or other center or professionals, those are located in countries having similar time zones or minimal time differences. Benefits of our Nearshore Outsourcing
• Geographical proximity
• Less or no timezone difference
• Cost-saving
• High efficiency
• Cultural and language similarities
Our Nearshore Outsourcing is always innovative thinking and experimental in tasks.

Offshore Outsourcing:

Vorizo expertise on Offshore Outsourcing having centers in Asia and South America continents. Offshore Outsourcing is a strategic practice where our client hire us to perform services from our offshore centers Our best Offshore Outsourcing is very effective and has below listed benefits :
• Less Cost
• Professionals Having the Right Skills
• Round the Clock Customer Support
• Boosts Business
• Risk Mitigation

Professional Outsourcing:

Our Professional Outsourcing includes accounting, legal, purchasing, information technology (IT), and IT or administrative support amongst other specialized services. This is one of the most popular types of outsourcing as there is potential for high cost savings. Our clients only for services actually provided while having access to high quality resources, which significantly reduces overhead costs. With professional outsourcing, our client has access a wide range of services, paying just for those they need . This is excellent for scaling client business as well as for receiving one-off services.

Process-Specific Outsourcing:

Vorizo specific operation-related aspects to our clients or units that specialize in that particular service. Process outsourcing is also used to describe the practice of handing over control of public sector services such as fire, police, armed forces, etc. to for-profit corporations. Types of Process-Specific Outsourcing
• Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). This deals with outsourcing knowledge development for product improvements, such as research and data analysis.
• Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). All aspects of outsourced recruitment, including management of posting, application tracking, and evaluation, are covered in RPO.
• Legal process outsourcing (LPO). All legalities including litigation and regulatory compliances fall in this category.

Project Outsourcing:

Vorizo Project Outsource offer enough mobility to project management . Our clients may not have enough in-house resources with the necessary skills to work on the project and may also cost more to complete the project in-house than to outsource to another, more qualified company.

Business Process Outsourcing :

One of the most common types of outsourcing is business process outsourcing (BPO). Our client use BPO to handle your more routine business activities including administration, correspondence, and scheduling, receive customer service and lead generation through BPO.

Operational Outsourcing:

Vorizo Operational outsourcing is particularly common in the all across domains and industry, as it covers services based clients.